A digital security benefit that keeps employees safe online.

Proactive identity theft and fraud protection for their finances, personal info, and mobile devices.

Meet Aura, the new standard in digital security.

Aura is on a mission to make the internet a safe place for employees and their families. We’re different where it matters most.
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We’ve changed the game.

We’ve combined innovation with 25+ years in the identity theft protection space to develop a truly integrated digital security solution.

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We know that every second counts.

We alert employees of potential fraud in just four minutes, compared to our competitors’ average wait time of 14 hours†.

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We deliver the best employee experience.

We know that employees are busy and have zero tolerance for friction, so we’ve built a product that employees actually use.

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We’re there when employees need us.

Every plan comes with a $1,000,000 insurance policy*, 24/7/365 customer support, and white glove resolution service.

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We do the hard work so employees don't have to.

Aura relies on intelligent automation that solves problems for your employees instead of creating them.

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We keep things simple.

Our onboarding process is simple, effective, and designed to prevent headaches, which is evident in our enrollment results and 98% customer retention rate.

Employees’ connectivity puts the things they care about most at risk.

Technology is essential to daily life. Employees use devices and apps to shop, bank, work, and even socialize online. While convenient, this connectivity makes personal information easily accessible and puts the things they care about most at risk: their identity, money & assets, family & reputation, and privacy. Aura provides employees and their families with a digital security benefit that’s simple so it’s easy to stay safe online.

The average consumer’s digital activity:

10 devices 1

300 accounts online 2

More than 6 hours per day online 3

Traditional identity theft protection solutions aren’t working.

Traditional ID theft protection solutions aren’t keeping up with the sophistication of cyber criminals. These solutions focus on employees’ digital footprint and provide alerts after accounts are exposed by a breach. They are fragmented, hard to use, and rely on employees to take action to resolve fraud on their own. Aura has changed the game with an all-in-one digital security soluton that stops fraud before it happens.

“I believe Aura is a modern digital security platform that steps into the modern digital problems we have today and away from services like Norton and McAfee that still sell virus protection in a box. I think Aura’s offerings to the consumer could change much of the way consumers view security on the internet and the way we do security on the internet in unique ways.”

Five Stars Verified

“Had been with Lifelock for 10+ years, but after Norton took over they seemed to decline in service. Happy with Aura for the first month.”

— Michael C.

Five Stars Verified

“The customer service rep was SUPER. Have been a 10 year plus customer of Life Lock and after reading up on Aura and experiencing the customer service, I will surely recommend Aura to my church, social and professional acquaintances.”

— Ken

Five Stars Verified

“I used to belong to Life Lock but their customer service was weak. I like this company and according to the reviews I read online you are the best at protecting my identity.”

— Joseph Whalen

  4.2 based on 3,859 reviews

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